Selby Lane Elementary School Recent Press about SEF:

"IBO Certification Achieved"
–Press Release Sep 5, 2007.
"2007 Teacher Wish List"
–Press Release Jun 9, 2007.
"Selby Education Foundation achieves significant milestones in its third year"
–Press Release Nov 30, 2006.
"2006 Library Release"
–Press Release Jun 21, 2006.
"2006 Music Release"
–Press Release Jun 19, 2006.
"Selby Lane School Library Creates Amazon wish list"
–Press Release Dec 14, 2005.
"Selby Lane Schools Scores up, New SEF Board Members"
–Press Release Oct 13, 2005.
"Selby Education Foundation Ends Year with a Bang"
–Press Release Sep 26, 2005.
"Notebook: Gift of technology to Selby Lane School"
–Almanac, Jul 13, 2005.
"Selby Education Foundation acquires 28 iMac computers for school"
–Press Release Jun 15, 2005.
"School district voters reject parcel tax"
–Almanac, May 11, 2005.
"Swirling skirts at Selby"
–Almanac, May 4, 2005.
"Selby Education Foundation starts first annual Junior Career Day"
–Press Release May 4, 2005.
"Atherton: Parcel tax support sought from neighbors of Selby Lane School "
–Almanac, Apr 13, 2005.
"Selby Education Foundation Funds Introduction of Award Winning Curriculum at Selby Lane School"
–Press Release Sep 28, 2004.
"Selby Lane School supporters fund program"
–Almanac, Sep 22, 2004.
"Carnival will raise funds for Selby School"
–Almanac, Apr 28, 2004.
"Community can help make underdog school a winner"
–Almanac, Mar 24, 2004.
"Selby Lane Elementary School"
–Great Schools, Mar, 2004.
"Residents launch ed foundation"
–Examiner, Mar 12, 2004.
"New foundation to boost Selby Lane School"
–Almanac, Mar 10, 2004.
"Student performance turns corner at Atherton's Selby Lane School"
–Almanac, Nov 19, 2003.
"For Old Books, Some New Homes,"
–San Jose Mercury News, Oct 21, 2003.
"Aiming High,"
–San Jose Mercury News, Aug 12, 2003.

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